SKATE-PARK Animations (2nd September) 
Following a wonderful tutorial by YouTube Channel, MOBOX, my first foray into Cinema 4D was recreating a skateboard in a half-pipe animation. While I had some modelling experience with 3DS Max prior, this tutorial provided great insight into the modelling tools of Cinema 4D. Additionally, it covered the basics of animating scenes, something that I had never done before. The GIF below was my final result by the end of the tutorial.
Building upon what I had learned, I wanted to try creating my own models and animations, to ensure that I could put what I'd learned into practice. Building on the skate-park theme, I proceeded to create two additional animations, complete with their own models. 
While there is certainly room for improvement, I was pleased with what I was able to create in just two days, with a software that I had never used before. I particularly enjoy the isometric view of the scene along with the pastel-like colours - I can definitely see myself doing more things with this aesthetic!
Construction of each scene in Cinema 4D
LOW Poly Car (9th September)
I've really been enjoying the modelling process in Cinema 4D. I wanted to practise this further by creating some additional models, focusing again on the low-poly, isometric appearance. I created this car model in about 5 hours, discovering many new modelling tools that made the process easier; particularly the line-cut tool!
I then created a short, looping animation, to get a better understanding of the tools and process. Overall, I was really pleased with how this turned out and I'm looking forward to trying out some more things!
Sketchfab viewer
Stay tuned for more! I'll continue to update this page as I explore Cinema 4D further!
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