Hi. I’m Seán.

I’m a UI/UX designer, motion designer, spine animator, game VFX artist and, fairly regularly, a little bit of everything else. I’m currently working as a UI/Motion Designer at Rogue Harbour Game Studio and as a part-time instructor at the Vancouver Film School.

I help create games and I also make fun, bouncy 2D animations.

Be it design, art or development, my diverse range of skills allows me to be flexible and adaptive within this ever-changing environment. I regularly wear many hats when needed.
I believe people should be willing to experiment in adjacent fields, expanding their knowledge to the point that you no longer know what to title yourself. This has allowed me to work in a variety of different areas, combining skills from differing positions to create even greater things.

In my spare time, I’m a musician, dog-lover and gamer, who can be regularly found in cafes and parks around Vancouver.

Want to work together? You can reach me using the contact form below!
Thank you, talk soon!
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